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Quality Ice Cream Cone Ornaments 

About Us & FAQs

Hello! Thank you for your interest in my handcrafted ornaments! I have created Ice Cream Cone Ornaments since around 1992.  After making Cones for all our little cousins, friends & others, folks asked me to make Cones either for themselves or to give as gifts. They actually wanted to buy them!  That was the very beginning of 
Holly's Glitter Cones! 
I wanted to make a  high-quality ornament that would  last for years. So after much experimentation,  I discovered my super-durable "double-dip" process!
(It's a secret recipe!)
Since then I have created thousands of these glittery, sparkling
Ice Cream Cones!
Each one is double-dipped
(inside & outside two times).
hand painted & sprinkled with my

Special Silvery Glitter Mix!
They'll "twink" at you on the tree! 

Kids (& not just young ones) squeal
"Ice Cream!" as they see my booth ahead. It is quite a feast for your eyes with hundreds of glistening Cones hanging all around! The big fellows (men) come in & stand there looking around with that "wonder-gaze" on their faces!  Even real tough-guys, large  & small, love ice cream!!  And believe me: they like their name on it, too! Some families  are working on their whole tree of Cones, collecting new ones every year.  Many stop by  to choose a Cone for a new baby, grandchild or other family member.  Glitter Cones make wonderful, unique keepsakes & gifts!  Many of my customers make Glitter Cones a yearly tradition, adding to their collection.

People always remember who gave them a Glitter Cone!
They hunt for it when it's time to decorate the tree! Oh, what fun!

So go ahead & pick your favorite flavor or "team-up" a color combo that any fan would love!

I'll be honored & simply delighted to make a beautiful and
Holly's Glitter Cone
just for YOU! 

Please Email Holly with any
 questions you have at

Or Use the Contact Form on the Contact Tab.

TO ORDER Click:   www.HollysGlitterCones.Etsy.com

Holly working at a Show!

Frequently  Asked  Questions

Do you only make Cones for Christmas?
Holly's Glitter Cones make beautiful display pieces any time of year! Use them on a stand or shelf-peg for year-round decor! Cones make great Party Favors--it's a FUN Keepsake that lasts for many years! 

Are the Cones Real? Yes! All Holly's Cones start out  edible.   The double-dip treatment coats & soaks in so the cones are sturdy & will last for many years! Note: They are sturdy, not indestructible.  Handle the ornament like you would if it were all glass.
How do the Cones ship?
The Cones ship very well, especially in their own "To-Go" cup. They do not weigh much so I ship USPS 1st Class or Priority (keeping shipping costs to a minimum)!
How do I store the Cones ?   
For Large Personalized or Decorated Cones just use the storage cups with lids introduced in 2010! One way for long-term storage of Tiny Cones is to wrap each Cone in tissue & pack them with other glass or lightweight items.  I like using the big popcorn tins, too, for storing bunches of Tiny Cones!
How about "critters"? Fear not!
With my dip, crawly critters have not been a problem.  Our dogs do not bother dipped cones (but I cannot guarantee against your feller's smeller). I'd say to hang then high on the tree. The very first Glitter Cones I made are still perfect for hanging on the tree!

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